Key Market Insights


Thousands of people live and work Downtown and many more visit to shop, dine, conduct business and enjoy events.

Business Mix

Downtown is home to more than 350 shops, professional services, restaurants, and other businesses.


Located just 1.5 miles from I-77 and I-40, Downtown Statesville is easily accessible to visitors.


Over 800 public parking spaces available in Downtown Statesville to accommodate events and weekly visitors.

  • 129,000 People live within the primary and secondary trade areas. 
  • 8,403 Households located within 1.5 miles of the downtown area.
  • $55,663 The average household income in the area. 
  • 75,038 The projected population for the primary trade area by 20121.
  • 9,600 The traffic count on Center Street in vehicles per day 
  • 169866, The current estimated Iredell County population.

Municipal and Cultural Hub

In addition to a year-round calendar of events, Downtown Statesville is proud to be the home of the City and County offices, Statesville Civic Center, Mitchell Community College, Iredell County Public Library, Iredell Museums, Iredell Arts Council, and multiple cultural, artistic and  historic sites.


Downtown Statesville offers an impressive collection of architecturally rich commercial and residential properties. Most of downtown was built around the turn of the century with buildings dating from 1860 to 1930. We have five National Register Place Districts including four residential districts.

More People Draws to
Downtown Statesville

  • Civic Center attracts over 790 events a year, with over 82,400 participants
  • Community College with over 10,000 Curriculum and Continuing Education students enrolled
  • Library, on average serves 900 visitors each day
  • Charter elementary and middle school with 555 students enrolled
  • Public high school with 945 students enrolled
  • Crossroads Arts & Science Early College enrollment is approximately 260 and the enrollment for the Collaborative College Technology & Leadership Magnet School is 214 (max is 250)
  • Mac Gray Auditorium at Statesville High School seats 800 and is booked (on average) 75% of the time, usually on the weekends.
  • Downtown churches that attract over 600 to Sunday worship and over 275 to evening activities
  • 4 dance and martial arts studios in downtown that offer classes in the afternoons and evenings
  • Over 25 restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops (Shopping & Dining Link)
  • Downtown hosts a full program of organized events throughout the year. (Events Link)

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